11 small experiences on motorcycle running long distance

11 small experiences on motorcycle running long distance

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2020)

1. Choose a good route. The schedule should be generous.

Control the speed according to the quality of the road. In principle, run about 400 kilometers a day. If the road is good, you can run more. Run less if the road is poor. Do not run more than 10 hours a day. More than 10 hours will be very tired.

For example, originally planned for a two-day journey. You will finish it in three days. You will feel very relaxed.

There are many cases of accidents caused by hurrying.

2.Go through the market town.

The village must slow down. Even if the road is good, the town seems very deserted. Slow down. The worst thing is that there are suddenly pigs, dogs and other domestic animals. Children or farm vehicles rush to the road. Many people fall. The cars were caused by emergency avoidance.

3. Driving on a bend on a mountain road. Go your own way.

Don’t take a lot of traffic just because you have turned several turns. You have not touched a car on the opposite side to occupy the road carelessly. You must sound the horn before turning a blind turn. Try to stay aside and turn. Because you do not occupy the road. There is no guarantee that some big cars will turn. Take up your driveway.

4. Don’t overtake on the curve.

To overtake, speed up. You are on the outer circle to overtake on a curve. Don’t say that the overtaking time is too long. If the car cannot be overtaken by a high-speed corner, it is easy to fly off the road.

5. Stay away from dangerous vehicles

A lot of carts that pull stones. Pull sand and coal. You will have hidden dangers behind you. When the cart turns, some stones will be thrown out. Follow the sand. Behind the coal cart. The sand will squint you. At this time, you must put down the helmet visor.

6. You must find a way to stay awake when you are tired and sleepy. The best way is to squint on the grass on the roadside for a while. Or wash your face with water from a stream on the roadside. A cup of coffee before departure works very well. Qian Don’t hold on to the road, you can’t afford to fall.

7. Mountain road turns

Open bends (that is, you can see the size of the bend. There is no vehicle on the opposite side of the bend). You can grab the lane in advance. Take the outermost circle, and then cut to the inner circle. The purpose of this is to increase the radius of the turn. Friends of the GP competition will know.

Going through a blind turn (no idea about the situation on the opposite side of the turn) honestly slow down and run to the side.

There is often a lot of sand in the outer ring of the curve. The road is not very good. The curve must be slowed down.

8. Relax and relieve fatigue.

Ride for an hour or two hours and stop the car. Let the car and people rest. Time is the work of a cigarette. Do work and rest. It can also cool down the engine. During riding. In the absence of pedestrians and cars, you can stretch your legs. Or stand for a while. If you don’t relax, the long-term mental tension will cause numbness and inattention.

9. Cross the tunnel

Be sure to slow down before entering the tunnel. You can use sunglasses to speed up the adjustment time of your eyes.

If you have been wearing sunglasses before entering the tunnel. Just after entering the tunnel, pull the sunglasses down again. Put it under the nose. Look at the road surface of the tunnel from the top of the sunglasses. When you exit the tunnel, push the sunglasses onto the bridge of the nose. The purpose is to neutralize A sudden change in brightness and darkness.

If you are not accustomed to driving with long lights, you must turn on the headlights when entering the tunnel. Use the high beam to flash a few times to remind the car in front. Turn to the low beam or turn off the headlight when meeting the car.

For long-distance riding, it is best to wear brightly colored clothing, and the headlights for driving lights should be as long as possible. Although there will be many enthusiastic people reminding you that your headlights are on. In the city where motorcycles are forbidden, it is better to keep a low profile and ride slowly, so that the headlights and double flashes don’t turn on. Lest the traffic police pay attention to you.

10. Pay attention to the opposite car

Many car drivers are prone to fatigue driving. When away from them, use the high beam to flash a few times. Remind the other person to pay attention to you. I personally experienced it once. It feels a bit erratic to see the opposite car from a distance. I quickly pulled over. Then the headlights flashed and the driver whistled. See him on the right track. .

11. The opponent has a car and wants to overtake.

Don’t take the initiative to run to the side of the road and let them pass by your side. If there are pedestrians on the side of the road, you will have no way to hide.

In such a situation, you must be firm in your direction. Flash your headlights and whistle. In this way, the driver who wants to overtake will give up the desire to overtake by your side. Tap the brake and retreat into his lane. The purpose is to get him I know. You are also a motor vehicle. Not a bicycle.

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