10 things to note before riding!

10 things to note before riding!

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)

10. Overall observation
When your car remains brand new, you can’t wait to stare at it affectionately every time you approach, and even more affectionate caress and kisses. There is nothing embarrassing about us. Every rider will be like this. But in addition, we should actively check it carefully to find out which parts seem to be loose or wrong. The more carefully you observe your car, the more you can understand it and discover its strangeness. For example, it is found that the front fork oil seal is aging, and the leaked shock absorber oil will contaminate your brake discs, which will be fatal.

Nine, fuel remaining
Don’t care where you are riding, there must be oil in the fuel tank. At present, in many cities in China, there are strict regulations on refueling motorcycles. Some need to show certificates, and some need to go to the street or the police station to issue a certificate (Lao Zhou believes that these are discriminations against legal vehicles-motorcycles), so I hope Motor friends pay attention to the amount of fuel before riding, and fill up the fuel at a familiar gas station (very helpless).

8. Engine oil
Before each ride, remember to stand up your body and carefully observe the oil dipstick to see if there is a loss or consumption. If there is a loss, then you have to doubt whether your gearbox is not tightly sealed, and then you need to do it A comprehensive inspection. If it is found that the engine oil is dirty, it is as simple as changing the engine oil.

Seven, chain adjustment
The chain is an important power transmission device for motorcycles. If the chain is too loose, it will reduce the power transmission efficiency of the engine. Too tight will aggravate the wear of the chain and sprocket, and may even cause the rear wheel to suddenly lock up. It is important to adjust the chain tightness correctly. Generally, the upper and lower movement ranges are marked on the chain box. Please pay attention to it.
Six, throttle and clutch cable
Pinch the clutch and twist the accelerator each time before leaving the car, pay attention to their delicate operation, and see if there is any slippage and wear (like sand in the wire tube). If so, then this is the beginning of the pull wire. Aura, if you don’t pay attention, the cable suddenly breaks during riding, which will lead to catastrophic consequences. Do you want to be unable to cut the clutch or return the oil during the deceleration process?
Five, brake
Brake is arguably one of the most important systems on motorcycles. It will ensure that you can swim safely on rugged mountain roads. Remember to check whether the brake wire is abnormal every time you travel. The simple way is to squeeze the brake a few times to see if there is a difference in the kneading force between it and your previous ride. If you feel the brakes are soft, then Check if there is air and leakage in the steel wire.

Four, tires
The tire determines your brakes, so its importance is beyond doubt. The tire pressure will affect the outer contour of the tire, which in turn affects the wear of the tire, so you need to check the tire pressure regularly to ensure that the outer surface of the tire is round. In addition, if you find that the tread is pierced by a foreign object during riding, do not remove it immediately, especially when there is no place around you to repair the tire.

Three, lighting
No one wants to ride in the dark on a lonely country road on a dark and windy night for a month, and no one wants to ride a motorcycle without taillights and turn signals in the traffic at night, which will increase the driver’s Danger. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check each of your lights before riding.

2. Wear a headband
If your helmet is not fastened, it will not provide the necessary help when you need it most, and its protection will be greatly reduced. So please check the tightness of the helmet strap carefully before you leave, just like men check their trouser zippers when they come out of the bathroom.
One, attitude
Riding should be a relaxed and pleasant thing. Never mount your mount when you are angry, because you are in an irrational state, and this will greatly increase the danger or even manufacture you encounter when riding. The odds of danger. Give yourself some time, calm down, remove the key, and go back to sleep. Then go to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful journey.

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