5 “killers” that affect the life of motorcycle engines

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(Last Updated On: September 28, 2020)

1. Wear and tear at startup

First of all, the stage where the engine wears the most during operation is when it is started. Some people do not develop the habit of warming up the car in winter or summer. In fact, it hurts the car because the oil pump takes a while to pump the oil to the car. For parts such as the cylinder head, direct cycling wear during this period of time is very great.

In addition, the lubrication is not good when the car is cold, and the wear is very large. The correct operation is to wait for the water temperature to rise above 70 degrees and drive. The EFI car without a water temperature meter can wait for the idling speed to drop to the normal speed and then drive. The car with carburetor needs to run at more idle speed.

2. Leapfrog downshift and leapfrog forward

This normal practice is to downshift and advance gears step by step. You must start from the first gear and decelerate. Some mistakes are to start with 2-3 gears. This will damage the clutch plate and easily cause the clutch. He died of overwork, and if the semi-clutch was severe for a long time, the clutch disc would be burned.

Leapfrog downshifting mainly tests the perception of speed and gear position. Each gear position has a corresponding speed range. If it is not mastered, the speed will slow down incorrectly, and the shift fork and gear wheel will be damaged. In severe cases, the engine shell will be broken and gear teeth. Damaged, the shift fork or shift fork shaft is bent and the rear wheel bursts to death.

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3. Engine oil problems and engine sludge

The most important step in the maintenance of our car is the engine oil. If the engine oil is not good or suitable, or if the engine oil is fake, it will be easy to pull the cylinder and burst after a long time.

There are only two biggest reasons for the sudden death of the cylinder, one is the lack of oil or no oil at all, and the other is the failure of the oil pump and the oil passage of the oil filter element.

Most of these two reasons are due to the long-term failure to change the oil, resulting in the loss of thermal evaporation of the oil, the formation of sludge that blocks the oil passage and filter element, resulting in no oil or insufficient oil pressure, and ultimately causing the Lava to burst.

In addition, fake engine oil will also produce a lot of sludge. Generally, we can observe whether there is too much sludge through the color of the oil window. If there is no oil window, you can see the attachment of the oil dipstick. It is best not to wait until the oil is too dark before changing , And you can clean the engine with kerosene or diesel and cleaning oil.

4. The gasoline problem

The higher the compression ratio, the higher the corresponding gasoline grade, but the higher the gasoline grade does not mean the better. Some small refinery gas stations in China like to charge shoddy ones, so try to go to large gas stations to refuel.

Back to the topic, the gasoline label is generally high or low, which means that your car with a low compression ratio is generally fine, but the high compression ratio may have problems, such as cylinders, large vibrations, and loud noises. In severe cases, the valve will break the leaking cylinder, the spark plug is often broken, and other faults. Generally, as long as you feel that the car is backfired and the gun is always fired, most of it is related to gasoline (when the car’s own oil system is normal)

5. Engine carbon deposits

The engine has carbon deposits. This is normal and an unavoidable phenomenon, but it has a range, beyond which there will be problems.

Generally, there are two reasons for carbon accumulation. One is that the gasoline is not good and the combustion is not complete. The other is that the car is often not hot, short-distance driving and low-speed driving.

Carbon deposition mainly affects two aspects of the car. One is increased vibration and the other is unstable idling. Carbon deposition mainly affects the top of the piston, the heel of the valve, the spark plug and the fuel injector. Excessive carbon deposition on the top of the piston will first increase the vibration. , And then serious carbon deposits spread to the piston ring and finally cause the ring to jam and lose the cylinder pressure or decrease the cylinder pressure.

Light valve carbon deposits lead to poor valve leakage and start idling instability, serious valve return speeds reduce the piston crown valve, too much carbon deposits in the injectors lead to poor atomization, black smoke and unstable idling, indirectly Or it may directly cause the spark plug to be broken. The main way to avoid excessive carbon deposits is to develop the habit of hot cars, not too bad gasoline, usually short-distance Dollara high speed.

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