8 tips for saving fuel on motorcycles

8 tips for saving fuel on motorcycles

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2020)

1. Develop a good habit of vehicle maintenance and regular vehicle inspection

Clean or replace the air filter on time to ensure that the engine air-fuel ratio is normal. It can not be rigidly handled in accordance with the cleaning or replacement air filter cycle specified in your motorcycle maintenance manual, because the location and motorcycle use environment are different. If the environment and air quality of your motorcycle is good, you can extend the cycle of cleaning and replacing the air filter. If your motorcycle is used in a harsh environment, you must always check, clean or replace the air filter

2. Regularly maintain the fuel supply system (carburetor or EFI). The spark plugs are often cleaned and replaced regularly. Go to a professional repair shop to do the above cleaning and commissioning, unless you are good at it. Note: To clean the EFI throttle valve, use special cleaning agent for EFI throttle valve, and do not use excessively corrosive cleaning agents such as carburetor cleaning agent. This will damage the rubber fittings inside the EFI throttle valve.

3. Change the correct type of oil and oil filter on time and according to the season to reduce the internal friction of the motorcycle engine. The correct amount of oil filling is also a key link. Too much or too little filling will cause different degrees of damage to the motorcycle engine and the mechanism, and will also increase the amount of fuel.

4. Check the motorcycle fuel pipeline for leakage or blockage, such as the closed fuel tank cap, fuel pipeline connection and aging, do not fill the gasoline too full to avoid gasoline overflow

5. Periodically check, lubricate and adjust the motorcycle transmission chain to maintain the normal tightness and lubrication of the chain. The scooter regularly inspects, adjusts and replaces the Puli discs, Puli beads, belts, bowls and clutch friction blocks. Try to maximize the power transmission of the motorcycle and reduce the transmission friction resistance.

6. The tire should maintain normal tire pressure (refer to the manual of the motorcycle or the value on the side of the tire) and performance. Insufficient tire pressure will lead to increased fuel consumption; too high tire pressure will reduce the tire grip, and there is a flat tire Possibilities; Tires that are aging, cracked and excessively worn are replaced in time.

7. Lighten the load on the vehicle as much as possible, reduce the additional equipment, and reduce the motorcycle load. Drivers’ own factors should also be considered. The load of 50 kg and the load of 200 kg are absolutely different in terms of fuel consumption.

8. Avoid unnecessary engine idling time. The time between the start of the motorcycle engine and the start of the engine should be shortened as much as possible (it is impossible to start the engine and talk with people), but the engine warm-up before winter driving is necessary.

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