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Clutch: 200cc Vertical Engines ATV/Dirtbike/Other

This high quality replace clutch fits many 200cc Vertical Engines. These engines are commonly used in ATVs, Dirtbikes, Motorcycles, Go Karts and Dunebuggies. See below for complete details. Please note: due to the low cost of the complete assembly (Clutch Basket & Clutch Plates) we do not sell the clutch plates separately. Fits: 200cc Air-Cooled Vertical Engines Diameter: 5.25″ Height: 2.5″ (Approx) Number of Clutch Plates: 6 (5+1) Spline Slot Count(s): 6 Basket Information: 8 Basket Walls (See Image) Tooth Count Outside Gear: 73 Number of Springs: 6