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Your carburetor keeps your motorcycle or ATV running at its peak efficiency. If it gets significantly dirty, it will seriously affect your machine’s performance – to the point where it may stop working properly altogether. What do you do when you find yourself in this predicament? Clean it.

A carburetor is a complicated component of your machine, so you might feel intimidated removing it and giving it a proper cleaning. Don’t be! As long as you go through the process step by step, there’s no reason why you can’t clean your carburetor yourself.

A significant part of cleaning a carburetor is disassembly and reassembly. Many of the screws and bolts are delicate. Use the appropriate screwdriver so that you don’t strip them out. It’s also important not to overtighten them.

Most components need to be wiped with a rag after you spray them with carburetor cleaner (even if it is not explicitly mentioned in the instructions below). It’s also ideal to spray some components with pressurized air, even after you have wiped them with a rag.

ATV Carburetor PZ30

Also, there are some components that you should not clean with carburetor cleaner:
The O-ring on the front slide plate
The diaphragm in the accelerator pump assembly
The diaphragm in the air cut-off valve (if your carburetor has one)
Spraying these items with carb cleaner can damage them. When you remove each of these, make sure that you place them in an area where you won’t inadvertently spray them.

The first thing you need to do is actually disassemble your carburetor so that you can clean each individual component. You can either clean each piece as you remove it, or you can set them all aside to clean after everything is disassembled.

Remove the carburetor from your machine.

Clean the outside of the carburetor.

Remove the slide valve.

Remove the accelerator pump assembly components.

Remove the float assembly.

Remove the jets.

Remove the air cut-off valve components.

Clean the carburetor body.

Clean the choke assembly.

Clean the slide assembly.

Clean the float bowl.

Clean the covers.

Spray off all parts with compressed air.

Reinstall the jets.

Reassemble the float bowl.

Reinstall the accelerator pump assembly components.

Reinstall the air cut-off valve components.

Reinstall the slider assembly.

Reinstall the remaining carburetor components.

Reinstall the carburetor back into your motorcycle or ATV.

At this point, you’ve successfully cleaned your carburetor and put it back together. You’re ready to go!

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