How to park a motorcycle in summer

How to park a motorcycle in summer

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2020)

When riding a motorcycle in summer, you should pay attention to the situation under which the engine of the motorcycle has stalled: if the engine stalls suddenly, and the exhaust pipe is fired at the moment of stalling, it is generally a malfunction of the ignition system; if it is gradually stalled, and it is obvious before stalling I feel the engine is weak, usually because of the failure of the fuel supply system.

The vehicle should be properly maintained and used reasonably and flexibly to avoid such failures. For this reason, the majority of users should remember the following three precautions: Before a motorcycle in high-speed or long-distance driving needs to stop, it must be reversed in order to reduce the speed, so that the load on the engine is gradually reduced and the high-temperature heat is basically dissipated. The crankcase parts are not hot to hand). Except in emergency situations, you should try to avoid sudden emergency stops during high-speed driving.

In the summer season, you should drive more at the high-end and medium speed. You can increase the throttle to 10% of the economic speed limit. When the speed drops to 10% of the economic speed limit, continue to slowly increase the throttle to 10% of the economic speed limit. Make the vehicle always in the cycle of low, medium, high speed and high, medium and low speed. In this way, the inertia of the vehicle is fully utilized to save part of the fuel, and various parts of the engine are often in the “loading” and “unloading” changes, the parts will not overheat, and the engine will also be reasonably cooled. If motorcycles need to travel for long distances, in addition to rational use of inertial taxiing, they should also avoid riding around noon. Because of sunlight exposure at noon, the temperature of asphalt roads or concrete roads can reach 40°C-50°C, which will cause the air intake temperature to rise suddenly and the air density to drop suddenly, which will cause the combustible mixture to be too dense and make it difficult to start the engine.

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