How to Save Fuel on Motorcycles

How to Save Fuel on Motorcycles

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2020)

1. Clean or replace the air filter on time.

2. Regularly maintain the fuel supply system (carburetor or EFI), and the spark plug is often cleaned and replaced regularly.

3. Replace the correct type of oil and oil filter on time and season to reduce internal friction in the motorcycle engine.

4. Choose the gasoline with the correct label according to the motorcycle compression ratio.

150cc carburetor

5. Check whether the motorcycle fuel pipeline is leaking or blocked, such as the fuel tank cap is closed, the fuel pipeline is connected and aging, and the gasoline should not be overfilled to avoid gasoline overflow (the motorcycle fuel tank basically has a spill design).

6. Regularly check the lubrication of various parts of the motorcycle, such as the front, middle and rear axles, and various bearings, which can extend the service life of the motorcycle while reducing friction.

7. Regularly check, lubricate and adjust the motorcycle drive chain to maintain the normal tightness and lubrication of the chain.

9. The tires should maintain normal tire pressure (refer to the motorcycle user manual or the value marked on the side of the tire). Insufficient tire pressure will increase fuel consumption; excessive tire pressure will reduce tire grip and may cause a tire burst.

Motorcycle 180 clutch

10. Minimize the load of the trailer, reduce additional equipment, and reduce the load of the motorcycle.

11. The time between starting the motorcycle engine and starting is as short as possible (you can’t make a long conversation with people while starting the engine), but the engine should be fully warmed up before driving in winter.

12. Regularly check and clean the heat dissipation system of the engine, such as water tank, antifreeze, oil-cooled radiator, cylinder head radiator, etc., to keep the engine working normally.

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