Knowledge of shock absorption before daily maintenance and adjustment

Knowledge of shock absorption before daily maintenance and adjustment

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2020)

Perhaps many drivers’ daily maintenance concept for the car is still to change the engine oil and air filter, but there must be a car that will not leave you halfway, easy to control, only the maintenance of the oil and air filter In fact, there are still many maintenance details that need attention. For example, cremation plugs, carburetor (throttle valve of electronic fuel injection system), brake fluid and shock absorption also need more care. In this issue, let’s first introduce the daily maintenance of shock absorption.

Most shock absorbers will contain shock absorber oil, which is mainly responsible for lubricating internal parts and providing proper damping. After long-term use, the oil will deteriorate and decline. Therefore, regular replacement of the damping oil can make the damping run in a good environment and maintain excellent control performance. If necessary, the damping oil seal needs to be replaced at the same time.

The purpose of replacing the damping oil this time is to get a stronger damping feeling and make the damping action a little slower and more stable, so I chose a 15w damping oil with a higher viscosity. In view of the fact that this pair of shock absorbers only traveled about 3,000 kilometers, the oil seals were not thoroughly cleaned and replaced.

The steps are roughly as follows: remove the shock absorber cover, take out the spring, and invert for a while to let the old oil flow out as much as possible; then add an appropriate amount of new shock absorber oil to the shock absorber and pump it up and down several times, and then release the oil again ( Roughly clean the inside, this step can also be skipped but not recommended); Finally, containers such as measuring cups or syringes can be refilled with the original oil volume. However, it must be ensured that the oil volume in the two shock absorbers is the same as possible, otherwise the shock absorber action will be inconsistent. If the shock absorber is soft, you can increase the amount of oil a little, but not too much, otherwise there will be a risk of oil seal explosion.

While changing the oil, I also found that the deterioration of the old oil from the two shock absorbers was inconsistent. It was obvious that the shock absorber oil on the right was a bit dark. This happens because of manufacturing tolerances. The two shock absorbers cannot be exactly the same, so don’t worry too much.

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