Motorcycle riding skills on various roads

Motorcycle riding skills on various roads

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2020)

Actually driving a motorcycle will encounter some tricky roads. To sum up, there are 5 dangerous roads. Let’s take a look at how to deal with them!
1, curved road surface
The straight line section before entering the curve will slow down and the throttle should be closed. When it is about to exit the curve, increase the throttle to exit the curve. When a motorcycle turns, the center of gravity of the body moves to the outside of the curve (for example, when turning to the left, the body is on the left buttocks and the center of gravity is shifted to the right of the seat. The center of gravity is on the right foot), and the rider should relax his shoulders and clamp his legs tightly. Keep the center of gravity vertical, allowing the outer pedals to share more weight, so that people and cars go smoothly.

2, steep slope road
Sprint uphill at low speed. When approaching the top of the slope, look ahead and observe the road conditions. Add the gas slightly to allow time to judge the situation behind the slope. At this time, slow down and sound the horns, and be alert for crooked roads and pedestrians on the top of the slope. Never skid in neutral when going downhill to prevent brake failure.

3, bumpy road
The construction sites and rugged mountain roads are mostly covered with gravel, bumpy and swaying. When driving on such a road, you should pass slowly and do not jump quickly, otherwise the rubble will splash on the body and the car body. Sliding up or down. Where there is too much turbulence, you can drive in a standing position, with the legs clamped on the body, and the waist pulled back to keep the center of gravity on the rear wheels. If it is difficult to ride in the gravel, you can first use wooden planks to pave a temporary path on the gravel and move slowly.

4. Water overflows on the road
When wading, observe the depth of the water first, and then go slowly when you are sure that it is safe to pass. Water must not enter the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle, otherwise it will cause water in the cylinder and stall the engine. Therefore, you should use a low-speed gear with a large throttle, and a high-speed gear should not use a small throttle. The adhesion of the flooded road is poor. When turning, increase the turning radius to avoid sharp steering or turning while braking to prevent sideslip. If the water flows too deep and cannot pass, you must find another road and do not blindly run the lights. Once water enters the exhaust pipe and the vehicle stalls, the rider will be in a dilemma.

5. Sand pavement
This kind of road is too loose and the car body is very easy to dent. Controlling the throttle is the key. The power of a motorcycle is mainly driven by the rear wheels. If a low gear and a high throttle are used, the power of the rear wheels must increase sharply, which is easy to skid. Try to avoid shifting or braking while driving. It is better to drive at a low gear at a constant speed. If the left and right sideways slip, you need to slow down and collect the oil, rely on the engine to control the speed of the car, and at the same time control the center of gravity, drive along the existing rut, avoid the thick sandy place, and prevent side fall.

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