Precautions for driving motorcycles in fog

Precautions for driving motorcycles in fog

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Autumn and winter are the seasons of high incidence of fog. When driving in fog, the visibility is low, the line of sight is unclear, and the driver is prone to illusion. At the same time, due to slippery roads, the braking performance of the vehicle is deteriorated, and it is prone to skidding or overturning. Need to master some driving skills. Strictly control the speed. Quick-tempered riders must converge in foggy weather: when the visibility is less than 500 meters and greater than 200 meters, the speed must not exceed 80 kilometers; when the visibility is less than 200 meters and greater than 100 meters, the speed must not exceed 60 kilometers; the visibility is less than 100 meters greater than At 50 meters, the speed should not exceed 40 kilometers per hour; when the visibility is within 30 meters, the speed should be controlled below 20 kilometers per hour; when the visual range is about 10 meters, the speed should be controlled below 5 kilometers per hour.

Use lights correctly. Before leaving the car in fog, remember to check the lighting device of your car thoroughly. When driving, follow the lighting regulations: turn on the taillights and low beam lights, make full use of the lights to improve visibility, and see the dynamics of vehicles and pedestrians. What needs special reminder is that you should not use the high beam when driving in fog. This is because the high beam is on the optical axis, and the emitted light is diffusely reflected by the fog, which will form a white area in front of the car, and you will not see anything when driving. .

Clean sight. When encountering heavy fog, condensation on the windshield or helmet visor will damage the driver’s sight and make the lights emitted by the oncoming car appear particularly dazzling. You can apply a little neutral detergent on the windshield or helmet mask and wipe it evenly with a soft cloth. This will greatly reduce the condensation of water vapor.

Use horns frequently. In foggy days, the vision is not good. Honing the horn frequently can help you warn pedestrians and vehicles, and also indicate the location of your car. In addition, it is best not to overtake in a foggy day; when you find that the vehicle in front is parked on the right, you must not blindly go around. You must consider whether the vehicle is waiting for the opposite vehicle; when overtaking a vehicle parked on the roadside, confirm that it has not started When there was no traffic on the opposite side, he honked the horn at the right time and bypassed at low speed from the left. If it is very foggy and the visibility is very low, you can use the remaining sight distance as much as possible to focus on the lanes in the road, but be careful not to drive on the lanes, otherwise it will be very dangerous to meet cars. Also, don’t ride a bike if you can.

Finally, a reminder that it is best not to drive along the roadside, because temporary parking on the roadside and people waiting for the fog to clear are also important hidden dangers to driving safety.

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