Precautions for long-term parking of motorcycles

Precautions for long-term parking of motorcycles

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2020)

1. Clean the motorcycle first, dry or dry it. After washing the exposed moving parts (such as chains), adjusting bolts, bearings, etc., it should also be coated with oil or butter to prevent rust.

2. Discharge the gasoline from the fuel tank and store it in a sealed container. Otherwise, the “light components” in gasoline will be reduced due to long-term storage (evaporate into the atmosphere), resulting in difficulty or failure to start the motorcycle. At the same time, the gasoline in the carburetor should be drained to prevent impurities in the gasoline from blocking the measuring holes and oil passages of the carburetor.

3. Remove the battery from the car and wipe it clean. Before the car is stopped, place it in a dry place and recharge it once a month. But do not release the electrolyte in the battery to prevent the plate from being oxidized when exposed to the air.

4. A certain amount of engine oil should be injected into the exhaust pipe of a four-stroke motorcycle. Remove the exhaust pipe from the car, add a small amount of oil from the front end of the exhaust pipe, install the exhaust pipe, and then start the engine to evenly distribute the oil on the inner wall of the exhaust pipe to prevent rust.

5. Remove the spark plug, add about 20ml of pure motorcycle special four-stroke engine oil from the spark plug port into the cylinder, install the spark plug, turn off the ignition lock switch (OFF position), and step on the start lever 5-6 times to make the engine oil even Distributed on the cylinder wall. If there is no foot-started motorcycle, remove the spark plug cap, turn on the ignition lock switch (ON position), and press the start button for 2-3 seconds.

6. Keep the front and rear tires at standard pressure. If the tire pressure is too low, the tires will age prematurely and cause cracks.

7. Put up the big support, the motorcycle tire pressure reaches the specified standard, and pad the tire with wooden blocks so that the wheel cannot touch the ground.

8. Cover the car with a cotton cloth with good air permeability (not covered with plastic tape or cloth with paint), and park it in a ventilated, dry, clean, rain-proof, and sun-proof place, and avoid flammable and chemically corrosive products Store them together with harmful objects, otherwise it will accelerate the aging of the motorcycle’s appearance and become old prematurely.
9. For the sake of safety, turn off the ignition switch, pull out the key, and be sure to lock the steering handle, and add a large lock for front shock absorption or a lock for rear wheels to be safer.

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