#35 – 40T Front Sprocket for Coleman CK100 Go-Kart

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(Last Updated On: July 21, 2020)

#35 – 40T Front Sprocket

This hub and front sprocket assembly is used on the Chinese 98cc engines, specifically the Coleman CK100 and the HS100GK go-kart.  May be used on other applications as well.  This sprocket has 40T and is compatible with the 35 chain ONLY.

Sprocket details:

  • Large front sprocket on the CK100
  • #35 chain
  • 40 Teeth
  • ID 38mm (1.49″)
  • OD 125mm (4.91″)
  • Chain Wheel I
  • 34.7mm (1.36″) bolt circle
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6 reviews for #35 – 40T Front Sprocket for Coleman CK100 Go-Kart

  1. toy

    JT Sprockets are well known and are very high quality. They fit perfectly in any application. They come in various sizes and can be purchased for almost any motorcycle and other applications as needed. This is the type of product which breeds repeat customers.

  2. jhon

    This replaced a driver pulley on a UTV. OEM price for the stock Driver Pulley is close to 600 Dollars. The series 40 driver clutch was 69 dollars. It works perfectly and I get about 5 mph more top speed.

  3. guest

    very good

  4. martinguo


  5. biller

    fit for my bicycle very well

  6. Anonymous

    They make good parts.

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