Arlen Ness Smooth Stage 1 Big Sucker Air Cleaner Kit For Harley

Name:Air Cleaner Kit
Type:Standard Type

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(Last Updated On: September 19, 2020)

Hidden breather technology built into backing plate
Steel or billet aluminum outer cover
High-flow standard or synthetic air filter
Chrome banjo bolts
Gaskets, hardware and simple instructions included


Name:Air Cleaner Kit
Type:Standard Type


·The Standard air filter elements are made one at a time using the finest materials available. Standard filters are all pre-oiled, and feature four layers of surgical-grade cotton to promote airflow and filter air effectively.
·The Synthetic Stainless Jacketed filter features a synthetic material that is water resistant and never needs to be oiled. Just wash and re-use. The mesh supporting the gauze is made of a rust-resistant stainless steel as opposed to standard carbon steel, and the synthetic filtration gauze is in black or dark grey, rather than the pink/red hue of the Standard Filter.
·The filters are hand-poured one at a time in a urethane body, unlike many other filters that are spun, which can leave a residue on the filtration media.

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