Manual – Hand Operated Silver VM26 29mm carburetor for Pitbikes Dirtbikes 140cc 150cc 160cc

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♥Outer Diameter of Air Filter Connection Point (excluding lip): 42mm / 1.65″ .

♥Internal Dimensions / Diameter of Fuel Chamber: 23.95mm / 0.94″ .

♥Which Air Filter Size Does This Carb Take?: 42mm .

♥Distance Between Fixing Holes (outlet side, centre of eye to centre of eye): 48mm / 1.89″ .

♥Inner diameter of air filter connection point: 39mm / 1.54″ .

♥29mm VM26 carburettor with cable choke for Pitbikes and Dirtbikes 140cc 150cc 160cc.
♥VM26 Carburettors are the ideal bolt on upgrade for increased power and performance.
♥The carburettor comes set up with larger idle and pilot jet than the VM24, ideal for 140cc and above.
♥Fits all the big Chinese pit bike import brands including Stomp, Demon X, WPB, Orion, M2R, Lucky MX, Thumpstar, Explorer, Braaap, Atomic.

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(Last Updated On: June 30, 2020)

Product Name:VM26 29mm manual carburetor
Outer Diameter of Outlet:60mm / 2.36″
Height:150mm / 5.91″
Overall Width:99mm / 3.9″
Inner Diameter of Air Intake:38.84mm / 1.53″
Inner Diameter of Outlet:29.44mm / 1.16″
Length (From Intake to Outlet):80.23mm / 3.16″ 1

How Carburetors Work

The carburetor is a pipe above the engine cylinders with an air pipe and a fuel pipe connected to it.

The air pipe brings in outside air, first through an air filter to remove dirt and other debris, and then to the carburetor.

The carburetor, also known as the carb, has two valves that perfect the air to fuel ratio.

The first valve, known as the choke, regulates air flow into the carburetor to mix with the fuel and is only used when the engine is cold.

The second valve opens and closes when you depress the gas pedal and regulates how much of the combination exits the carb and goes into the engine.

As the valve opens it draws air by the venturis and pulls fuel in to mix with the air. Fuel is provided via a small fuel tank called the float-feed chamber or float bowl. As fuel in this tank decreases, the float falls, which opens a valve at the fuel inlet pipe to refill or maintain the fuel level in the tank.

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1 review for Manual – Hand Operated Silver VM26 29mm carburetor for Pitbikes Dirtbikes 140cc 150cc 160cc

  1. Anonymous

    Didn’t even have to adjust idle or air fuel mixture screw.

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