Secondary Drive Clutch for CVT Driven UTV’s – 400cc – Version 22

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(Last Updated On: June 17, 2020)
Clutch Assembly for CVT Driven UTV’s – Version 22
This clutch is the secondary drive clutch and is known to fit several brands of 400cc UTV’s.  Please use the pictures and measurements to make sure it will fit your application.
Product Details:
  • ID of center hole: 25.7mm [1.01″]
  • Overall OD: 21.5cm [8.46″]
  • Width of pulley: 38mm [1.5″]
  • Overall spring diameter: 66.8mm [2.63″]
  • Fits all EFI & carburetor style HiSun UTVs
  • Known to fit HiSun 400, Bennche, Massimo, Supermach, Q-Link, Menards Yardsport UTV 400cc & more
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