Top Cart Golf Trolley Speed Controller – Full kit of Parts.

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(Last Updated On: June 16, 2020)

Replacement speed controller & kit of parts for Top Cart golf trolleys.

Fitting Instructions – for reference purposes we recommend that you take a digital image of your existing controller.

Carefully cut and remove any cable ties that are under the chassis – to assist with fitting the new wiring harness use a draw string to remove old harness.

Separate the cable connector block – ensure you grasp the connector – not the wires.

Undo the controller mounting screws and remove the old controller.

Using the draw string carefully pull into place the new harness and fit the controller.

Reconnect the motor wires using the bullets provided for the motor terminals .

Reconnect the connector block and fit the new long cable tie.  Tidy remaining wiring with smaller cable ties.

The potentiometer and cables are easy to fit and no special tools are required.

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