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Semi-Auto Clutch for 50-125cc Dirtbikes and ATVs – 17 Tooth

Semi-automatic clutch for 50-125cc Dirtbikes and ATVs. with a horizontal engine. Note the Tooth Count of 17 teeth. Clutch Type: Semi-Automatic, With Reverse Compatible with: Horizontal Engines Various Spline Count: 6 Tooth Count: 17 Tooth Spring Count: 4 Clutch Plates: 2 Diameter: 4.5″ Width: Approx. 1.5″ Bolt Hole Spacing: 56x56mm Note: Part Numbers 11-0107; 11-0108 and 11-0109 look very similar. When looking at old clutch take notice of the top of the clutch on the spring side as the have subtle differences in design also note the tooth count as some are different.

Clutch: 200cc Vertical Engines ATV/Dirtbike/Other

This high quality replace clutch fits many 200cc Vertical Engines. These engines are commonly used in ATVs, Dirtbikes, Motorcycles, Go Karts and Dunebuggies. See below for complete details. Please note: due to the low cost of the complete assembly (Clutch Basket & Clutch Plates) we do not sell the clutch plates separately. Fits: 200cc Air-Cooled Vertical Engines Diameter: 5.25″ Height: 2.5″ (Approx) Number of Clutch Plates: 6 (5+1) Spline Slot Count(s): 6 Basket Information: 8 Basket Walls (See Image) Tooth Count Outside Gear: 73 Number of Springs: 6


Product Name😕 DIRTBIKE REED VALVE DIRT BIKE RM 125 Color:Black MOQ:1pc Application:Motorcycle Quality:High-Quality Feature:Lasting Durability CPNO:XPCPJ.00020 Features: Double the reed tip surface over a conventional reed valve design Increased bottom end, stronger mid-range and longer top-end Greater efficiency due to reduced reed petal travel More airflow means more horsepower Reduced reed petal wear

VM26 29mm manual carburetor

Manual – Hand Operated Silver VM26 29mm carburetor for Pitbikes Dirtbikes 140cc 150cc 160cc


♥Outer Diameter of Air Filter Connection Point (excluding lip): 42mm / 1.65″ .

♥Internal Dimensions / Diameter of Fuel Chamber: 23.95mm / 0.94″ .

♥Which Air Filter Size Does This Carb Take?: 42mm .

♥Distance Between Fixing Holes (outlet side, centre of eye to centre of eye): 48mm / 1.89″ .

♥Inner diameter of air filter connection point: 39mm / 1.54″ .

♥29mm VM26 carburettor with cable choke for Pitbikes and Dirtbikes 140cc 150cc 160cc.
♥VM26 Carburettors are the ideal bolt on upgrade for increased power and performance.
♥The carburettor comes set up with larger idle and pilot jet than the VM24, ideal for 140cc and above.
♥Fits all the big Chinese pit bike import brands including Stomp, Demon X, WPB, Orion, M2R, Lucky MX, Thumpstar, Explorer, Braaap, Atomic.

R Windscreen

R Windscreen

Standard Adventure R windshield.
Height: 192 mm.
Tinted design.