Teach you how to clean and maintain motorcycle chains in 4 minutes!

Teach you how to clean and maintain motorcycle chains in 4 minutes!

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2020)

Harm of depositing sludge on the chain

1. Accelerate chain wear

The formation of sludge-after riding a motorcycle for a period of time, with the different weather and road conditions, the lubricating oil on the chain will gradually adhere to some dust and fine sand. A layer of thick black sludge is gradually formed, which adheres to the chain, and the sludge will also make the original lubricant of the chain lose its lubricating effect.

The fine sand and dust in the sludge will continue to wear the front and rear gears during the transmission process. The teeth of the gears are gradually sharpened, and the matching gap with the chain becomes larger and larger, which may cause abnormal noise.

2. Speed ​​up chain elongation

The sludge will not only wear the chainring, but also wear the connecting shaft between the chains, causing the chain to gradually elongate. At this time, the tension of the chain must be adjusted to avoid abnormal noise, chain disconnection, and unsmooth power.

3. Not beautiful

The deposited layer of sludge will make the chain look so dark and even disgusting. Even if the motorcycle is washed clean, the chain is always not clean with water.

Chain cleaning and maintenance process

1. Prepare materials

Chain set (cleaning agent, chain oil and special brush) and fee cardboard, it is best to prepare a pair of gloves. A vehicle with a large frame is more convenient, if not, you can consider using a frame.

2. Steps to clean the chain

A. First, you can use a brush to remove the sludge on the chain to loosen the thicker sludge and improve the cleaning effect.

B. When there is a large frame or the frame is raised, the rear wheel of the vehicle can be raised and put in neutral. Use the cleaning agent and the brush to do the preliminary cleaning step by step.

C. After removing most of the sludge and the original metal of the chain is exposed, spray it again with a cleaning agent to completely remove the remaining sludge and return the chain to its original color.

D. In the case of site conditions, you can rinse the chain with clean water after cleaning the chain again, so that some sludge stains that have been washed but not completely fallen have no place to hide, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. If there is no space, after cleaning the chain, you can directly wipe it with a dry cloth.

E. The chain after cleaning can restore the original metal color. At this point, use chain oil to aim at the balls of the chain and spray one circle, remember not to spray more, as long as you spray a small amount of spray for 30 minutes, it is not easy to throw oil.

F. On-site cleaning-because when spraying cleaning agent, it is easy to splash to the wheel hub. So finally wipe the wheel with a damp cloth dampened with detergent, wrap the stained cardboard and discard it, and clean the floor.

Benefits of using chain oil

Many riders have been using new engine oil and waste engine oil as chain lubricants. We do not advocate or oppose this. But because the engine oil can be lubricated, it is easy to stick to dust and fine sand, and the time is short. The chain gets dirty quickly, especially after it rains and becomes black.

The better side of using chain oil is to make a certain formula upgrade to the chain, add anti-wear molybdenum disulfide, and choose an oil base with better adhesion, so that the chain oil is not easy to throw oil like engine oil. The oil is all bottled spray cans, which are more convenient to use and carry, and are necessary for traveling.

Chain cleaning and maintenance cycle

Chain cleaning cycle: It is recommended to clean once every 2000-3000 kilometers, or if you think the chain is too dirty, do a cleaning.

Oil cycle on the chain: 200-300 kilometers is recommended, spray once, spray once, not more spray. Or medium and long distance, spray once the night before departure. If it is a long distance travel, it is recommended to bring chain oil directly. Special reminder, after riding in rainy weather, it is best to use the chain oil. Because of the washing effect of rain, the chain is easy to interfere.

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