Teach you how to drive a snowmobile

Teach you how to drive a snowmobile

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2020)

How to better control the snowmobile You should always get in from the left side of the snowmobile. Make sure your parking brake is on. Hold the handle, step on the pedal and get on the car. Make sure you understand And it is very important to be able to manipulate all the controls on your snowmobile. And you should look up specific information about your machine from the user manual. You should be able to find and operate your parking brake. Braking, including hand brake, fuel valve. Choke door-if you have one, find the activation device whether it is button, electronic or pull. Finally, make sure you know the position of the engine stop switch and know how to turn off the ignition switch. You should pull out the key. And get off on the left in the same way as the car above.

driving posture

Snowmobile driving is very different from car or motorcycle driving. The stability and safety of your driving depend on whether you can change your center of gravity position at the right time and in the right way. Correct straight-line driving position will help you maneuver it more easily and make you change the center of gravity position when you need to. The response time is faster. When you need to turn slowly, lean your body to the inside of the turn and place your weight on the outside of the pedals to make the inside sled board easier to slide. When making sharp turns, you should change the center of gravity by standing up and stepping on the pedals. When going uphill or downhill, you should always keep your center of gravity on the uphill side. Change the throttle amount according to the slope adjustment. When Poe gets more shaking, you should lean forward and place your weight on the handle. Or lean backwards by standing on the pedals so that the center of gravity is at the back of the seat. In this sense, driving is to move and adjust your center of gravity as much as possible, but you must also manipulate the control device in time. You must practice for a long time and be familiar with it. So that you can understand the limits of your center of gravity in order to be able to safely operate the control device.

start braking

After you understand how your machine works, you can master the basic driving skills at the beginning. It is best to find an open and flat snowy ground to practice without any obstacles or ups and downs. Before you set off, make sure you have the correct driving posture. Use the brake, release the parking brake, and slowly increase the throttle. If you have a manual clutch, loosen it slowly. If the clutch is released too quickly, the car will rush forward. Reduce the throttle to prevent the sled from lifting. Learn to use the sound of the engine to gently change the throttle at the right time. Your parking technique depends on the braking system of your snowmobile and the terrain you are riding. Release the throttle, apply the brake, slow down your engine, and make sure that you completely release the throttle.

turn around

Practice turning at low speeds before becoming more confident in your abilities and more adept at your car and its handling. Before turning, slow down the car by braking and releasing the accelerator. Lean forward to the inside of the turn, turning your handle while looking ahead. Keep your head and eyes level. After entering the turn, place the center of gravity on the outside of the pedals to make the inside sled slide easier. As your confidence increases, you can try sharp turns. In order to make a sharp turn, you need to brake faster and move the center of gravity before turning. Remember to always drive within your abilities and don’t try maneuvers that you don’t feel confident about.

Urgent treatment

In an emergency, you must be able to stop your snowmobile quickly. And try to avoid accidents while driving. So it is best to practice this skill. To stop your snowmobile quickly, keep your head and eyes forward. Take a slip-free brake and stop in a straight line. In order to avoid obstacles while turning, open your eyes, place your center of gravity on the inside of the turn, and do not brake when turning. Keep your feet just on the pedals. To prevent the snowmobile from rolling over.

When you are driving outside, remember to use the following danger response strategies: 1. Look around, observe the environment, and look for potential hazards. 2. Assess risks and predict the consequences of your decisions. 3. Make choices. Improve your decision by adjusting driving skills.

over obstacles

Sometimes obstacles are inevitable. You need to get past them, not bypass them. If possible, you should go straight towards it, slow down but maintain momentum, stand on the pedals and keep your knees and elbows bent. Add a little throttle when the front sled board is about to encounter an obstacle. Lean forward and release the accelerator when the sled crosses the obstacle. If you think there will be an obstacle on only one side, just keep the original power of the snowmobile over it, no additional throttle is needed. Don’t try to lift the handle.

climbing uphill

You may encounter a hillside where you are driving. Before setting off, you should master safe climbing and climbing techniques, but some mountains are too steep for your ability, and some are too steep for your car. If the slope seems too steep, he is probably too steep. Don’t try to challenge him. The trick to hillside driving is to keep your center of gravity on the side of the hill. When climbing a mountain, keep your center of gravity forward. In order to make the car turn on the hillside, you need to change your center of gravity to the side of the mountain.

When going down the mountain, look straight ahead and shift the center of gravity backward. The speed is controlled by the engine and slow brakes. When climbing steep hills, you should stand on the pedals and lean forward so that the center of gravity is on the front wheels. Before reaching the top of the mountain, turn left or right to overtake it, tilt your upper body to the side of the mountain, and step on the pedals with your feet tightly. Avoid slowing down too quickly. When you feel your car is about to roll over, turn so that the sled board is facing down, or park on the hill. When going down a steep hill, stand on the pedals and move the center of gravity backward and brake slowly. You have to practice all the maneuvers you just saw. And as your abilities improve, increase the speed and difficulty of the exercise. You must drive after understanding your own abilities and the performance of your car.

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