Tell you how the brakes work

Tell you how the brakes work

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2022)

Here we will discuss Disc brake – main components, working, advantages, and disadvantages with the application.

Main Components of Disc brake

1. Wheel Hub: The disc rotor is attached to the wheel hub and it rotates with it.

2. Caliper Assembly:

The caliper assembly consist of

(i) Brake pad: It makes contact with the rotor disc and due to the friction between the brake pad and rotor disc the vehicle speed reduces and it stops.
(ii) Caliper bracket
(iii) Caliper frame
(iv) Piston: It applies the brake force on the brake pads when brake lever is pressed.
(v) Slider pin: It is the sliding pin which slides in the hole when brake is applied.
(vi) Dust boots: It prevents the entry of dust into the caliper pin or slider pin hole.

3. Disc Rotor: It is the rotating part of disc brake. When brakes are applied, a lot of heat is generated which can decrease the braking efficiency, so the rotor has drilled vent holes on it which dissipates the heat.

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