tell you what is the starter motor

tell you what is the starter motor

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2022)

What is Starter Motor?

A starter motor is an electrical device that is utilized to start & stop a motor reliably. Same as a relay, the motor starter switches the power OFF/ON, and unlike a relay, it also presents low voltage and overcurrent protection.

  • The primary functions of a motor starter are:
  • To safely stop a motor.
  • To safely start a motor.
  • To reverse the motor’s direction.
  • To protect the device from low voltage and overcurrent.

How does a Motor Starter operate?

A starter is a switching device that has electrical contacts (both for incoming and outgoing).

This type of starter motor makes the motors restart immediately after a power break.That is the reason why most of the starter motors have electrical switches.

As the coil in the contactor is excited, it provides the electromagnetic field, pulling the switch contacts.

Type of Starter Motors

Different types of starter motors are as the below:

  1. Rotor Resistance or Slip Ring Motor Starter
  2. Direct Online Starter (DOL)
  3. Stator Resistance starter
  4. Soft Starter
  5. Variable frequency drive (VFD)
  6. Autotransformer Starter
  7. Star Delta Starter
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