The chain of your car should be maintained!

The chain of your car should be maintained!

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2020)

In the entire mechanical structure of the motorcycle, the chain plays a very important part-power transmission, basically the role of the chain is no less than the engine, clutch, brake caliper…

However, even if the chain is an important part that will be tested as long as your car is traveling, few people do some necessary maintenance and repairs for the chain. Once the chain as a power transmission has problems, the noise increases and the wear increases. , Heavy vehicle damage, personal injury

Chains currently on the market are commonly classified as oil-sealed chains and non-oil-sealed chains

The so-called oil seal chain is that there is an oil seal in the middle of the inner and outer chains. The oil is wrapped in the middle to help the chain lubricate. Without this oil seal, it is called a non-oil seal chain

Based on the above structure, if the chain is not maintained for a long time, the lubrication effect is not good, it will generate greater frictional resistance during operation, and there will be a certain loss of engine power. Long-term unsmooth operation may also cause the chain to loosen or even fall off. Therefore, the chain needs to be regularly cleaned and lubricated!

The general maintenance interval is 300-500 kilometers. Use a special chain cleaner to clean the chain, and then spray the chain oil to maintain the tightness and elasticity of the oil seal. It is also recommended to wear chain maintenance equipment for long-distance riding and clean it regularly Chain

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