The motorcycle is too oily, indicating that you have made these 7 mistakes!

The motorcycle is too oily, indicating that you have made these 7 mistakes!

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2020)

1. Low tire pressure

The working pressure of the tire is too low, the amount of sinking increases, the load on the tread edge increases, the shoulders wear prematurely, and the rolling resistance is increased, which is not conducive to fuel saving and tire saving. Regular inspection of tire pressure is necessary in terms of safety and fuel economy.

2. The oil viscosity is too high

Motor oil with a higher viscosity will increase the resistance of the internal operation of the engine, and the flow speed of the motor oil is slower, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption. Choosing a suitable viscosity oil can also effectively control fuel consumption. If you are unsure of the viscosity of your car, you can refer to the vehicle manual.

3. The air filter has not been replaced for a long time

If the air filter is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, it will seriously affect the air intake of the engine, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption due to insufficient engine power. It is recommended that all car owners clean or replace the air filter regularly.

4. The spark plug is in poor condition

If the spark plug is used for a long time, the carbon deposit will increase, and the spark plug gap will also increase, which can lead to poor ignition performance, reduced engine power, and increased fuel consumption. It is recommended that you distinguish the replacement cycle according to the different spark plug materials: ordinary (copper core or nickel alloy) 30,000 kilometers, platinum (platinum) 60,000 kilometers, and iridium gold 100,000 kilometers. (for reference only)

5. Engine carbon deposition

As long as the seed is on, it will naturally produce carbon deposits, and it is still everywhere. The most fundamental solution is to do a full range of engine carbon deposit cleaning for your car on a regular basis. However, there is no professional place for motorcycle engine carbon deposit cleaning. Even with this service, the price is quite expensive. It is recommended to regularly add genuine maintenance or cleaning fuel additives to the car’s fuel tank to avoid long-term low-speed riding and occasionally pulling at high speeds, which can effectively reduce carbon deposition.

6. Bad driving habits

For example, some people prefer to pursue power, starting at 1st gear, 2nd gear at 10km, 3rd gear at 25-30km, 4th gear at 45-55km, and 5th gear at 65/70km. The speed will soon go up, but the fuel consumption will also be much higher. If you often keep the engine speed at about 4000 rpm and the speed of the car is controlled at 45 yards, this time is very fuel-efficient. Generally, people who like to drive fast and brake are also pinched Much has not been adjusted to the best state, there is friction during driving, of course, it will also bring resistance, so of course the fuel consumption will also increase.

7. Random modification

Cylinder expansion is a common problem. Many people think that directly changing the power and speed of a large set of cylinders will go up. In fact, it is not necessarily, but when the cylinder is expanded, the fuel consumption will definitely increase, and it may increase a lot because the engine is a system engineering. It is not simply to increase the displacement. It is necessary to cooperate with other links, such as adding parasols or some protective shields, so that the diversion is unreasonable, of course, the wind resistance is high, causing high fuel consumption.

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