What do you have to do in the three stages of safe driving

What do you have to do in the three stages of safe driving

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2020)

(1) Before driving:

①Be sure to wear a safety helmet and conspicuous tight clothes before driving the motorcycle, which is convenient for manipulation and increase the attention of the car driver;

②Do not drive a motorcycle when you are unwell;

③ Do not drive a motorcycle after taking medicine;

④Drinking and driving without a license are strictly prohibited;

⑤Check the condition of the car carefully and do not ride a sick car.

(2) During driving:

① Hold a good mood and psychological quality and concentrate on driving;

②Do not drive nausea cars and “heroes” cars;

③ It may keep a constant speed and drive on the right;

④ Less urgent acceleration and sudden stop to prevent emergencies;

⑤ The intersection must be shifted and slowed down slowly to ensure safety after passing;

⑥Be sure to slow down and slow down when detouring (prevent the front brake is prohibited at this time, otherwise the vehicle will easily fly out of control);

⑦ Be sure to turn on the turn signal when overtaking to ensure that you are overtaking safely and do not stick to the overtaken vehicle;

⑧ In rainy and snowy weather, the ground friction resistance is small, the braking distance is relatively long, and you must slow down and move slowly, and the brake operation should be gentle to avoid locking and falling;

⑨Because of the short viewing distance, you must slow down and turn on the night driving lights to attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles;

⑩If you feel abnormality in the motorcycle while driving, you must stop and check.

(3) After parking:

①Check whether the lights and electrical appliances are abnormal;

②Whether the engine etc. has oil leakage or abnormal sound;

③ Close the circuit and lock the car;

④ Close the fuel tank switch;

⑤ To stabilize the vehicle, it is best to park with the center support to reduce tire load and extend tire life;

⑥ Keep away from fire sources, do not ignite and smoke near motorcycles.

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