What to do if the motorcycle engine deposits carbon? Three solutions

What to do if the motorcycle engine deposits carbon? Three solutions

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2020)

Today, let’s talk about the problem of motorcycle engine carbon deposits. If your motorcycle has difficulty in ignition, gear shifting and flameout, black smoke from the exhaust pipe, and increased fuel consumption. These problems may be excessive engine carbon deposits. Clean the maintenance area, what is the engine carbon deposit? It is a charred substance produced by unsaturated olefins and colloids in fuel at high temperature during the engine’s working process. It can be said that as long as the engine is working and it is not sufficiently combusted, it will produce carbon deposits, most of which are Caused by these reasons.

1. The problem of fuel, does not mean that you must choose high-grade gasoline, you only need to add the label according to the normal needs, but you must go to the regular gas station to refuel, if the fuel quality is not close, there are impurities, it will As a result, the engine has accumulated too much carbon, and inferior gasoline is hurting money and cars.

2. The problem of driving state, because the traffic in the city is relatively crowded, and you need to wait for the traffic lights, they are basically in a stop-and-go state, so that the vehicle has been running at a low speed, and the gasoline cannot be completely burned. Under the action of oxygen, it forms a gum and sticks to the internal parts of the engine, causing carbon deposition to occur.

3. The internal combustion of the cylinder is inadequate. The motorcycle is a mixture of gasoline and air, which is ignited by the spark plug and sparks, thereby doing work to generate power. In this process, only when the ratio of gasoline and air is perfect can it be completely burned. If the gas volume changes, and the mixture ratio is abnormal, it will cause excessive carbon deposition. It is known that the voltage generated at the moment of ignition is very large. When the energy of ignition is too small to complete the ignition in time, it can also make gasoline not Complete combustion, resulting in carbon deposits.

In normal use, you can also adjust the precise mixture ratio, modify the powerful igniter, and run at a higher speed to avoid excessive carbon deposition.

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