When driving on sandy roads, these 4 maintenance are indispensable

When driving on sandy roads, these 4 maintenance are indispensable

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2020)

The maintenance of the vehicle is more important for normal use. Normally, the maintenance of the motorcycle can be carried out according to the maintenance manual. However, as the usage scene of motorcycles changes, the related maintenance items need to be adjusted. For example, motorcycles that often drive on sandy roads should pay attention to the following items.

1. Rinse the vehicle regularly and in a timely manner, which can effectively avoid rust and blockage in some parts, such as brake calipers, because of the sludge will cause a poor return, so the vehicle must be timely Cleaning, and keep it dry.

2. Replace the oil seal chain, the advantage of replacing the oil seal chain is that it can extend the adjustment time of the chain, and can also effectively avoid the phenomenon of hanging chains because of neglecting the tightness of the chain.

3. Shorten the maintenance cycle, here mainly refers to the air filter and the oil supply system, because the dirt road is easy to cause the air filter to block, so it is particularly important to shorten the time to clean the air filter, if you ignore this point Because the intake air volume decreases, the vehicle will have insufficient combustion, increased fuel consumption, and decreased power.

4. Avoid half-clutch. Sludge roads are prone to slippage due to insufficient tire grip, and the operation of frequent use of half-clutch can occur, but this operation can also be avoided as long as the equilibrium point is found. If this phenomenon is not paid enough attention to, the clutch friction plate will easily burn out.

The above are some matters and maintenance items that need to be paid attention to when motorcycles are driving on sandy roads. In short, on the premise that such roads cannot be avoided, they must be diligently cleaned, lubricated, maintained in advance, and used reasonably. The performance of the car will be maximized, and the life of the vehicle will be improved.

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